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What is an MSP?

A multi-stakeholder partnership is a type of cooperation with the following four features

In a multi-stakeholder partnership, partners from at least three of the following sectors are involved: the public sector, civil society, the private sector and academia.

Partners have knowledge and experience that can help the others further their work. In a partnership, they can share their knowledge, resources, technologies, networks and much more. Partners can thereby achieve their common goal, while also individually benefiting from the collaboration.

All partners are involved on an equal footing in the multi-stakeholder partnership’s work. This covers a broad spectrum of types of participation, from mere consultation to joint decision-making, thereby allowing each group to contribute its positions and viewpoints to the partnership’s goals and results.

Multi-stakeholder partnerships go beyond ad hoc consultations or brief, sporadic dialogues. Long-term engagement and a certain degree of institutionalization and independence are required to tackle the complex challenges that a multi-stakeholder partnership is seeking to address.

Multi-stakeholder partnerships aim to solve complex social challenges such as climate change, poverty or migration. Working together to overcome these challenges is necessary, as they affect society as a whole and exceed the ability of any individual actor to solve on their own. This is why multi-stakeholder partnerships are important for achieving sustainable development.


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