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Date: 12.6.2020
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Webinar series: Webinars for the promotion of civil society actors to prepare and implement multi-stakeholder partnerships

Date: 7th of July; further dates to be announced

Venue: Online

In the upcoming months a series of webinars will be held for civil society actors who are in the planning or implementation phase of a multi-stakeholder-partnership (MSP). These webinars are offered by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL – bengo on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and carried out by the expert for stakeholder dialogues and collaboration processes: Collective Leadership Institute (CLI). They take place in addition to the technical and content-related application advice of the bengo team at Engagement Global, and are a practical accompaniment to the MSP Seminars. For interested civil society actors look up the funding requirements at bengo to be part of this webinar series.

How does it look like?

• Experienced CLI trainers impact practical knowledge on MSP, from identification of suitable MSP structures to impact orientation or institutionalization of MSPs.
• Participation in the webinars is free of charge.
• Regarding the English webinars, you can participate with your partner organization.
• Due to the limited number of 15 people and for better planning, we ask for a binding registration by the specified registration deadline. Further information on content and technology will follow after confirmation of the registration.
 Technical requirement: stable internet connection with 1.2 Mbps (download and upload) bandwidth and a computer or tablet with audio and video connection

Format of the first webinar


Interactive Webinar – “Identification of suitable MSP structures”


This webinar gives participants of the MSP foundation seminars the opportunity to:
 learn together with 1 MSP partner organization
 understand how to create MSP structures that can lead to success
 understand how to enhance commitment for implementation
 exchange of Knowledge and experience with the trainers and participants

Time & Language:

English: 7th of July, 2020 ; 14.00 – 15.30 CET
Deadline for registration: 28th June, 2020


If you like to register or have questions or ideas send a mail:

– For registration: Theresa Kuschka Theresa.Kuschka@collectiveleadership.com
– For content-related questions: Sabine Heckmann sabine.heckmann@collectiveleadership.com

Note: Registration is binding and participants need to respond a detailed questionnaire.