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Date: 15.4.2021
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UN Global Compact Leaders Summit in June 2021

Picture: UN Global Leaders Summit

Advancing collective action to address global crises 

On June 15 and 16, the UN Global Compact 2021 Leaders Summit will take place. Participants will discuss strategies for strengthening collective action to help overcome the ongoing climate crisis, the global COVID-19 pandemic, economic disparities and social inequalities. 

According to the UN Global Compact, multi-stakeholder partnerships are an important tool for approaching solutions to current crises. Innovative thinking and targeted, data-driven initiatives from multi-stakeholder partnerships can drive responsible business practices that are essential to rebuilding a just, equitable and resilient society. 

The annual Leaders Summit will bring together more than 25,000 business, government, UN, and civil society leaders virtually to document progress and develop collaborative action plans to address climate change, COVID-19, and economic inequities and social inequalities.