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Date: 15.8.2021
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Survey: Rapid Partnering for Climate Action

Copyright: Christin Hume / unsplash

Call for participation addresses MSPs working on climate adaptation and mitigation

The Partnering Initiative and Partnerships2030 are working together on a collaborative research project that investigates rapid partnering mechanisms in climate action. 

Your thoughts from this survey will feed into the design of our Rapid Partnering For Climate Protocol for multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs), to enable partnerships to react faster upon the climate crisis.

The small window for urgent action on climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience demands accelerated, ‘rapid-partnering’ to mobilise collective action on the scale required. However, existing mechanisms for partnering are mainly designed for a different context. Evidence has shown that partnerships are often too complex in structure and cumbersome to respond adequately to innovation.  Adapting existing instruments to the context of the climate crisis requires expertise and a collective action research approach to learn from innovative partnership practices.

Through a collaborative program with climate partners and funders, we aim to develop a set of approaches, which will be tested with emerging partnerships and adapted based on their experiences.

To this end, the insights and contributions of MSP stakeholders dedicated to addressing climate change are vital to the success of the study.  TPI and Partnerships2030, therefore, launched this call to participate in the survey  until September 24 (the deadline has been extended). It will take about 5 minutes to complete. The collected data will be merged, ensuring that the data of the participants is anonymous