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Date: 7.5.2019
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Review of the SDG Global Festival of Action 2019

This year’s SDG Global Festival of Action was characterised by diversity: a diversity of ideas on how to implement Agenda 2030, a diversity of the origins of the participants and also the diversity of the different interactive workshops on offer. One highlight was the Partnerships2030 workshop, which was held on Friday 3rd May 2019. Partnerships2030 co-organised the fruitful workshop on multi-stakeholder partnerships together with the EEAC Network.

Even before the session started, the room was full and participants had to find a seat on the windowsill or join the workshop standing up. At the beginning, the presenters briefly pitched their experiences with MSPs and outlined which challenges, opportunities and additional aspects they would like to discuss. Afterwards, participants and presenters discussed the chosen topics in smaller discussion groups and advised each other on how to deal with MSPs. Finally, the participants shared their highlights in the larger group.

Even after the session closed, there was still a need for further exchange, so that several participants decided to continue the discussions over lunchIf you would like to find out more about the workshop, the SDG Global Festival of Action 2019 orPartnerships2030, you can find out more by following our new account on Twitter @_P2030_