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Date: 16.11.2023
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Publication: New Self-Assessment Tool for MSPs

Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships (MSPs) undergo various phases in their development, each with distinct priorities and requirements. This new self-assessment tool was designed by Partnerships2030 to assist you in understanding your MSP’s current status and identifying potential next steps.

Whether you are just starting a partnership or are already in the midst of the implementation phase: A self-assessment can help you gauge the development stage of your MSP. Released in November 2023 by Partnerships2030, this practical tool is tailored for MSP secretariats, stakeholders, and supporters. 

The self-assessment tool guides you through typical MSP phases with key milestones by offering a checklist to assess development steps and potentials. The results serve as a solid foundation for planning further steps and activities. Additionally, the tool links to helpful instruments that can enrich collaborative processes. It can be integrated in group processes as a basis for joint reflection and planning. 

The self-assessment tool is available in English, German, Spanish, and French. 

For support and guidance in using the tool and implementing next steps, kindly reach out to the Partnerships2030 team.