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Date: 20.10.2022
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Publication: MSC certification reinforced by extensive study

Dorado fishing farm in Greece aerial photography. Aquaculture production.

A new study published in by journal Frontiers in Marine Science finds that fish stocks fished by Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fisheries are significantly healthier than stocks from non-certified fisheries. 

Based on data of 170 fisheries worldwide – including 80 MSC certified 90 non-certified fisheries – the study is the most comprehensive analysis ever conducted. Evidence confirmed that fish stocks in MSC fisheries have significantly healthier stock sizes. In addition, stocks are significantly less likely to fall below a level at which reproduction is threatened.

The background to the study is that around 32% of fish stocks worldwide are overexploited and therefore cannot reproduce adequately. However, the reproduction and the necessary recovery of stocks is essential for the well-being of the oceans and the food chain in our ecosystems. Therefore, sustainable fishing is a fundamental tool to maintain food security for the growing world population.

Multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSP) such as MSC can educate about sustainable fisheries and encourage more sustainable consumption through certification schemes such as the MSC label. This has now been further reinforced by the study’s powerful findings.

The English version of the study can be found here. We also provide further information on MSPs in relation to life under water in our factsheet SDG14.