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Date: 30.5.2023
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Publication: Fifth report published by D-EITI

The fifth report by the initiative for transparency in the extractive sector in Germany (D-EITI) was published focusing on the topic of supply security.

In the framework of the global Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative – EITI, actors from politics, the private sector and civil society advocate for more accountability and financial transparency in the extractive sector. Acceding countries commit to implement the EITI Standard at national level and thus contribute to more transparency.

In Germany, the EITI Standard is implemented by a multi-stakeholder group (MSG) which consists of representatives from the private sector, civil society and politics (D-EITI). Moreover, the MSG publishes an annual D-EITI report to stimulate and promote dialogue on the national extractive sector with the population. The reports contain important key data on the German natural resources extractive sector, as well as extensive information on relevant framework conditions. Topics which go beyond the mandatory requirements of the international EITI Standard such as the circular economy, have been increasingly included in recent years.

In the report now published for 2020, the focus is on the topic of supply security. On the initiative of the private sector and civil society, Germany’s role in the international raw materials market and the contribution of domestic raw materials extraction to supply security are addressed for the first time.

Click here to find the German version of the fifth D-EITI report and here to read the report and the report of the independent administrator in the German version.