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Date: 3.9.2021
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Promoting equitable and inclusive partnerships, assessing impact, securing financing

Peer Learning Workshop of the Multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSP) Support Platforms.

Partnerships2030 invited the international community of MSP Support Platforms to their annual exchange from August 25 to 27. The peer learning workshop of MSP Support Platforms was held online for the second time due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The three-day workshop offered space for exchange and participation. Participants had the opportunity to discuss, learn from each other and (re-)connect with each other. New members of the community were also welcomed. Academics and practitioners from 15 organizations in 13 countries participated in the online event, including Peru, Costa Rica, Kenya, and the United States.

Topics discussed included “Equitable & Inclusive MSPs,” “Impact Pathway & Lessons Learned”, and “Sustainable Business/ Financing Models for MSPs”. The session on Wednesday focused on challenges and best practices concerning equitable cooperation within MSPs.

On Thursday, participants discussed the results from the so-called Action Research, a collaborative research project of the Partnerships Resource Center at the Rotterdam School of Management and Partnerships2030. The project, conducted with different MSPs, aims at impact, impact assessment and impact communication of MSPs. Representatives of the Alliance for Integrity, an MSP that is participating in the action research project, shared their experiences and lessons learned with the community.

On Friday, the focus was on sustainable business / financing models for MSPs. The discussion made clear that there is no “one-size-fits-all” model for MSPs, because the context of each case must be considered. It was highlighted that this topic should already be considered in the early stages of an MSP.

MSP platforms such as Partnerships2030 support MSPs in initiating partnerships and promote the exchange of knowledge. National MSP platforms exchange ideas in a community of practice to learn from each other. Partnerships2030 is a member and facilitator of the community of practice.