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Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil

The goal of the Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil (FONAP) is to significantly increase the amount of sustainable palm oil, palm kernel oil and derivatives in the German, Austrian and Swiss market and to achieve 100% segregated, certified palm oil and palm kernel oil on these markets as soon as possible.

What is Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil doing to achieve its goal?

In order to achieve our goal, we are taking the following and other practical actions:

  • Based on all members’ public commitment, to use only 100% certified, sustainable palm oil in products and to take action to achieve this goal.
  • To develop proposals to enhance and improve existing certification schemes.
  • To devise viable solutions for the sourcing and use of 100% segregated certified palm oil and palm kernel oil in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • To forge links with other European initiatives, interested companies and non-governmental organisations in Europe.
  • To create transparency about which certified products, derivatives and fractions are already available in segregated quality on German, Austrian and Swiss markets.
  • To compile and share technical and thematic information relating to more sustainable palm oil production.
  • To raise public awareness of certified palm (kernel) oil.

How does Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil work together in partnership to achieve its goal?

The Forum’s activities are managed and coordinated by the General Assembly and the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee was elected at the first General Assembly in November 2015 and comprises representatives of WWF, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and industry, i.e. Unilever, Kuchenmeister GmbH, Weleda and the REWE Group.

Working groups comprising volunteer representatives of the Forum’s members help to further its agenda.

How is Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil financed?

The Forum was established in September 2013 and has been a registered association since November 2015. GIZ was commissioned by the Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR), acting on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), to host the Secretariat. Additional funding was made available from private sources.




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