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Date: 2.8.2018
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Partnerships2030 Events: second peer learning workshop

Multi-stakeholder-partnerships (MSP) have great potential to help solve international development challenges. In order to strengthen MSPs, the platform Partnerships2030 supports the exchange between existing partnerships and new partnership initiatives – amongst others via peer learning offers.

Allowing for a constructive and enriching exchange between existing multi-stakeholder-partnerships and possible new developing partnerships, peer learning processes are very helpful. Therefore, we offer a series of peer learning workshops so that stakeholders who work in an MSP or are planning to do so, receive essential information and support. The first peer learning workshop started in April 2018 and informed about the very first steps of an MSPs.

In June 2018, the second workshop took place and focused on the “Institutionalisation of Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships (MSPs)”. The workshop dealt with topics concerning the legal form, governance-structure and funding of multi-stakeholder-partnerships.

Based on the workshop, we inform you about results and practical tips on the institutionalisation process that help to facilitate a good start.