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About Partnerships2030

Who are we?

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) commissioned Partnerships2030, a national platform for promoting multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSP). This platform supports the implementation of 2030 Agenda. Involved are the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and Engagement Global – bengo.

What do we do?

Partnerships2030 strengthens existing multi-stakeholder partnerships, launches new initiatives and informs on all partnership matters. To do so, we advise multi-stakeholder partnerships on their particular concerns, offer space to engage with new partners to develop new multi-stakeholder partnerships, as well as inform on the latest news regarding multi-stakeholder partnerships.

The Partnership2030 Team

Frau Salz GIZ 1 SW

Susanne Salz

Project leader

As head of the Partnerships2030 Platform Susanne Salz is your focal point when it comes to overarching issues, questions and suggestions concerning MSPs. Contact Susanne

Jens Heine


Jens Heine manages the communication in the Partnerships2030 team. Contact Jens

Frau Mundle 1b SW

Lili Mundle


Lili Mundle advises and manages new and existing MSPs. She supports you in the process of realising your partnership idea. Contact Lili

Elena Hunzinger


Elena Hunzinger advises GIZ Projects worldwide on the development and management of Multi-Stakeholder-Partnerships and implements topic-specific studies and advanced training for internal and external specialists and managers.

GIZ Frau Leifkes bSW

Claudia Leifkes

Junior Advisor

Claudia Leifkes supports the MSP Support Platforms Community, a community of practice that reinforces MSPs worldwide.

Jessica Bronkhorst

Jessica Bronkhorst

Administrative Officer

Jessica Bronkhorst is in charge of all administrative matters. He accompanies and supports the financing of MSP support.

Luisa Theis


Luisa Theis supports the Partnership2030 team in all areas as an intern.

Dara Krolpfeifer


Dara Krolpfeifer supports the Partnership2030 team in all areas as an intern.

Cansin Karakus


Cansin Karakus is responsible for overarching issues and questions.

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