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A successful multi-stakeholder partnership (MSP) requires great deal of time and resources. That is why we offer you support for your partnership.

How we can support you.

1. How do I start an MSP?

Starting a multi-stakeholder partnership can be challenging in terms of time, organization and money. To help, we have compiled a list of things you will need to consider to create a successful partnership.

On our website, you will find a guide to the key aspects of a successful partnership as well as examples of partnerships. This provides a first glimpse into what multi-stakeholder partnerships need in order to succeed.

Success Factors    First steps in MSPs    Examples of MSPs

2. How do I connect with partners?

You need the right partners for a partnership to be successful. We help you identify and bring the right partners to the table as well as provide the space for you to work together on creating your partnership. This will help your partnership get off to a smooth start.

3. How can I finance my MSP?

MSPs often need start-up funding to make progress. Partnerships2030 can provide you with funding or tell you about other funding opportunities.

If you’re from civil society, Engagement Global/bengo can provide advice and cover up to 75% of costs for civil society participation in a partnership.

If you’re from another sector, such as the private sector or academia, Partnerships2030 can provide you with information on funding opportunities and provides seed funding for selected MSP ideas.

4. What opportunities are there for further developing my MSP?

We offer you and your partners strategic advice to develop you multi-stakeholder partnerships. In addition, we organize discussion forums with partners from various multi-stakeholder-partnerships. Here you can share your experiences and work together with experienced partners to devise solutions for your partnership. We also offer individualised trainings that are specifically tailored to your needs.

Success Factors    Impact and Impact Assessment     Institutionalisation

5. How can I prepare my organisation for working in an MSP?

As part of Partnerships2030 there are training and development opportunities. Engagement Global – bengo facilitates trainings for civil society organisations for working in a multi-stakeholder partnership. In addition, Partnerships2030 offers individualised trainings for different stakeholder groups.

MSP Profiles

What can MSP look like in practice? Take a look at examples of already existing multi-stakeholder partnerships.