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Date: 22.3.2021
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Online Seminars and Handbook on Collaboration in Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

Picture: Collective Leadership Institute

Collective Leadership Institute

The Collective Leadership Institute (CLI) offers online courses on collaboration, multi-stakeholder partnerships, and collective leadership in June and July. In addition, the CLI has published the handbook “Leading Transformative Change Collectively”.

This year, participants from across Africa, Europe and the MENA region will have the chance to take part in two different online courses.

From June 23, the three-day course “The Art of Leading Collectively” will explore leadership patterns at the level of individuals, organizations and stakeholder systems. Questions that will be discussed and analyzed include: How do you build resilient structures of collaboration? How do you bring humanity and vitality to stakeholder systems, especially when more and more communication shifts to online formats?

The course “The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration” begins July 1. Among other topics, it addresses how to reach stakeholders from different sectors and how to use dialogue and communication skills to build a core group of key stakeholders.
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The handbook “Leading Transformative Change Collectively A Practitioner Guide to Realizing the SDGs“, recently published by CLI, presents practical tips, models, tools, and case studies on multi-stakeholder partnerships. The book is intended to serve as a guide for collectively leading sustainability transformations. It is intended to support decision-makers in business, non-governmental organizations and government agencies to implement multi-sectoral, partnership-based approaches to achieve the 2030 Agenda.