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VENRO and CorA-NetworK: Workshop on Multi-Stakeholder Approaches

On June 15, 2021, VENRO will host a digital exchange workshop on current developments in multi-stakeholder approaches.

Multi-stakeholder partnership for LGBTI equality and inclusion

On the occasion of Pride Month, we present the MSP Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality which aims at advancing the equality and inclusion of LGBTI people in the business world.

Intern for partnerships2030 wanted

For the period August 2021 to January 2022, the Partnerships2030 team offers an internship.

Leading the Way to a Circular Economy

Interview with Nicole Bendsen, Coordinator of the PREVENT Waste Alliance Secretariat, on the multi-stakeholder partnership’s objectives, approaches and successes.

How can we make Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships faster?

This blog article considers what we can learn from multi-stakeholder-partnerships which developed during the COVID-19 pandemic for other partnerships in future.

New Publication: Interactive Stakeholder Dialogue Exercise for Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships (MSPs)

Partnerships2030 published a handout that can be used as a tool for stakeholder communication and decision-making.

ECOSOC Partnership Forum 2021: Partnership Approaches in the Context of COVID-19

MSPs were highlighted as a key tool for sustainable development at the United Nations Economic and Social Council Partnership Forum 2021.

The Development and Climate Alliance: Members increase CO2 offsetting by 40 percent

Interview with Tobias Dorr, Head of the Project supporting the Development and Climate Alliance.

Reducing child labor in value chains through partnerships

During the roundtable, participants from the private sector and civil society were able to learn from each other’s experience on reducing child labor in supply chains.

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