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Online Training: The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration

The Collective Leadership Institute (CLI) is offering the online training “The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration” from 15 November – 23 November 2021.

Recommended reading: How companies meet expectations in multi-stakeholder initiatives

In his commentary author Daniel Silberhorn discusses the extent to which business is committed to achieving the SDGs.

Promoting equitable and inclusive partnerships, assessing impact, securing financing

Partnerships2030 invited the international community of MSP Support Platforms to their annual exchange from August 25 to 27.

Peer Learning Workshop for MSP Support Platforms

The annual peer learning workshop of the MSP Support Platforms Community will take place from August 25 to 27.

Survey: Rapid Partnering for Climate Action

The Partnering Initiative and Partnerships 2030 are working together on a collaborative research project that investigates rapid partnering mechanisms in climate action.

World Resources Institute: State-of-the-Art report on multi-stakeholder partnerships with a focus on financing

As a contribution to the “State-of-the-Art Report on multi-stakeholder partnerships,” WRI invites participation in a survey through July 22, 2021.

New Publication: The role of multi-stakeholder partnerships in adaption to climate change

The publication identifies four rationales for why MSPs may be particularly suited to supporting climate adaptation. 

New Publication: Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships and Human Rights

A new paper that is meant to raise awareness of human rights issues in MSPs and to support them in integrating human rights.

VENRO and CorA-NetworK: Workshop on Multi-Stakeholder Approaches

On June 15, 2021, VENRO will host a digital exchange workshop on current developments in multi-stakeholder approaches.

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