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Date: 20.5.2019
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New Multi-Stakeholder Partnership: International Waste Alliance PREVENT

‘Around the globe the maxim must be: Avoid waste wherever possible, recycle whenever possible – and dispose of what remains, without harming people or the environment. We must move away from a linear economy to a circular economy on the global, national and local level. Waste is not just waste – waste is raw material!’[1]

In line with this maxim, the German Development Minister, Gerd Müller (CSU), has founded the ‘International Waste Alliance PREVENT’ together with over 30 partners from business and science. The multi-stakeholder partnership aims to promote new projects, which seek to reduce and promote prevention, recycling and proper disposal of waste in developing and emerging countries. According to Minister Müller, the partnership would enable the urgently needed transfer of know-how and technology that can enable modern waste management globally.

On their new homepage PREVENT declares: ‘We want to contribute to minimizing waste worldwide. We aim to ensure that in future, resources are sustainably recycled. The focus will be on prevention, collection and recycling of plastic waste from packaging and single-use products, as well as from electrical and electronic equipment. We are committed to building a sustainable closed-loop waste management system, particularly in emerging and developing countries.’

To do so, the Waste Alliance brings together different stakeholders from the private sector, academia, civil society and governmental institutions. Participants along the value chain provide information on current trends and financing options for projects, share their know-how and work out innovative solutions. Therefore, the members will organize into four working groups on specific topics: conserving resources, closing packing cycles, closing e-waste cycles and improving framework conditions.

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