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Date: 7.6.2021
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Multi-stakeholder partnership for LGBTI equality and inclusion

Picture: Unsplash / Cecilie Johnsen

Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality and Pride Month

Over the past decade, social and political developments in many parts of the world have had a positive impact on the LGBTI community. These include legal reforms or changing social attitudes towards sexuality and gender identity. Despite global progress for LGBTI rights, discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity remains a challenge. On the occasion of Pride Month, we therefore present the Multi-Stakeholder Partnership (MSP) Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality (PGLE), which aims at advancing the equality and inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people in the business world.

Businesses play an important role in implementing human rights principles, including LGBTI rights. However, according to the Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality, the private sector faces challenges in various contexts, e.g. in political contexts in which homosexuality is criminalized or due to religious and cultural organizations that use social media to pressure businesses.

For this reason, businesses, civil society groups and UN agencies have come together in the PGLE to use their individual and collective advocacy to advance and operationalize the social and economic inclusion of LGBTI persons. The focus is on meeting the United Nations Standards of Conduct for Business Tackling Discrimination Against LGBTI People. PGLE provides tools, resources and best practices by and for businesses to implement the Standards and to achieve LGBTI inclusion globally. Members, including Accenture, Microsoft and Deutsche Bank, also use the World Economic Forum platform to highlight the urgency and role of the private sector in promoting an inclusive environment for LGBTI employees, customers and communities.