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MAP Profile “Partnership for Sustainable Textiles”

Partnership for Sustainable Textiles

The aim of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles is to bring about continuous improvement of social, ecological and economic sustainability along the entire textile chain.

What is Partnership for Sustainable Textiles doing to achieve its goal?

This is to be achieved with the following four strategic elements:

  1. Joint definition of Partnership Standards and implementation requirements with deadlines for continuous improvement.
  2. Joint improvement of framework conditions in the producer countries and recommendations for action on policy and policy coherence in Germany and the EU.
  3. Transparent communication that makes it easy for consumers to identify sustainable textiles. Communication about the progress made by the Partnership and its members must also be transparent.
  4. A Partnership platform to review and support progress and the feasibility in implementation, share experience and learn from each other.

How does Partnership for Sustainable Textiles work together in partnership to achieve its goal?

The Partnership will operate with the following implementation structure until the date set for the first Review:

A Steering Committee that represents the various stakeholders via member groups is responsible for strategic steering and development of the Partnership.
The Steering Committee comprises twelve members, made up as follows:

  • four representatives from the private sector, ideally with two commercial and two industrial representatives
  • three representatives from non-governmental organisations, ideally with one representative each from the environmental and social spheres
  • three representatives of the German Government, with at least one representative of BMZ
  • one representative of trade unions
  • one representative of non-commercial standards organisations

All decisions will be reached on the basis of consensus. The respective stakeholder groups shall elect the members of the Steering Committee.

Working groups
Time-limited expert groups that work on thematic or regional issues and report back to the Steering Committee and the Partnership Secretariat.

Partnership Secretariat
Technical/professional and in-process support for all operational tasks, including technical preparation and implementation of telephone conferencing, meetings, workshops and assemblies.

How is Partnership for Sustainable Textiles financed?

Until 2018 the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development shall cover the basic funding for the Secretariat of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles. For the long-term funding of the Partnership a proposal shall be elaborated by the Steering Committee. In the event of greater funding being required for specific tasks, such as campaigns for consumer communication, the Steering Committee shall elaborate a financing strategy that involves contributions from other participants. Participants and third parties can support the activities of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles with further contributions at any time. The work within the Partnership is carried out on a voluntary Basis.




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