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Date: 20.5.2022
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MSP in practice: The 2022 General Meeting of the Sustainable Cocoa Forum

On May 4, over 90 members and guests exchanged views on the topic of human rights due diligence in the cocoa sector.

The German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa held its tenth annual general meeting as a hybrid event on May 4. In this context, the members of the Forum elect their board, approve the plan for the budget and jointly decide on the draft resolutions submitted by the board. In addition, public lectures, workshops and discussion rounds on a main topic take place within the framework of the assembly. Scientists and practitioners, such as experts from various non-governmental organisations, are invited.

The main topic “Human Rights Due Diligence in the Cocoa Sector: Working Together to Ensure Better Living Conditions for Cocoa Farmers” was chosen in response to the EU Directive proposal on corporate due diligence for sustainability in the cocoa sector. Various speakers presented their views on transparency, monitoring mechanisms and power relations along the value chain in the cocoa sector. In the opening message, Cem Özdemir, German Minister of Agriculture, also spoke about the need to raise awareness of fairness among consumers.

Forum members were united in their agreement to two projects in the area of corporate due diligence. Forum members commit to participate in the joint monitoring process with the Belgian and Dutch Sustainable Cocoa Initiatives, Beyond Chocolate and Dutch Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa. In addition, members will set out individual commitments in roadmaps that will focus on issues such as traceability, certification, deforestation/agroforestry, and child labour.

Further information as well as the speeches and presentations of the event can be viewed here on the website of the German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa.