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Date: 27.7.2022
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MSP in Practice: Gavi ranks high in the Aid Transparency Index

Source: Aid Transparency Index 2022

In July, the Global Campaign for Aid and Development Transparency published its 2022 Aid Transparency Index. The multi-stakeholder partnership Gavi is ranked in the highest category of the index with an improvement. 

In the 2022 Aid Transparency Index, Gavi is in the top-rated category for the fourth time and has improved its rating since 2020. Gavi views this result as a result of continuous improvement of its own systems and processes to make transparency a central part of its activities. Suggestions from previous index results were implemented, for example in data management. Gavi thus shows that partnerships can successfully and transparently inform their stakeholders in order to achieve their common goals.

Publish What You Fund‘s Aid Transparency Index is an independent index that measures the transparency of 50 major development organisations. Results have been published regularly since 2012 in the form of a ranking. The aim is to encourage donors to make more information available about their activities in order to be able to identify necessary changes in the sector. Various tools and methods have also been developed to improve transparency for donors.  

Gavi is a partnership that supports childhood immunisation against deadly diseases and health systems development worldwide. Most recently, Gavi was also part of COVAX, procuring and delivering COVID-19 vaccines.