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Date: 9.11.2017
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International Exchange Forum for MSP Support Platforms

On October 18th and 19th, 30 representatives from 17 countries met in Cologne, Germany to answer the question: “How can support platforms effectively and sustainably strengthen multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?”  

Support platforms provide know-how, financing, advisory services and much more to launch new and promote existing MSPs. They work worldwide to promote sustainable development by supporting these MSPs. These experiences can be of great use to help other support platforms further their own work.

To harness this potential, Partnerships2030 invited diverse support platforms from around the world to a two-day workshop. The aim of the workshop was to better understand the strategies, best practices and thematic crossovers of these platforms, thereby also identifying potential for future cooperation.

Over the two day period, participants worked on topics such as financing, stakeholder engagement and impact measurement. Strategies to deal with specific challenges were developed and exchanged and there was a great interest for further exchange among all participants. Asked about next steps, several of the participants offered to make their own contributions to products to help support platform work in the future. As a result, Partnerships2030 agreed to set up an online working group for all interested support platforms so as to facilitate further exchange.

The workshop in Cologne was not only an important step for Partnerships2030 towards networking with support platforms worldwide, but also an opportunity to gather important lessons learned for its own work in Germany.

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