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Date: 13.12.2018
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Impact Assessment - tools for planning and implementation

Looking for methodological guidelines, examples or checklists? On this page, three tools for the discussion on impacts and impact assessment are introduced:

I. Social Impact Navigator – use the interactive website or download as PDF

What is social impact? How can it be measured? Or planned? Practical manual on the topic of impact and outcome orientation, which shows that even organisations with limited resources for monitoring and evaluation can evaluate the effectiveness of their work with small simple steps and use the results for learning. All the steps presented are complemented by examples and concrete proposals.

II. BetterEvaluation Rainbow Framework – planning tool to manage an evaluation or evaluation system

There are so many different options, methods, strategies and processes in evaluation that it can be hard to work out which ones to choose for an evaluation. BetterEvaluation organises options into different evaluation tasks, grouped by 7 colour-coded clusters to make it easier for you to choose and use appropriate methods, strategies or processes. The planning tool can be used to: commission and manage an evaluation; plan an evaluation; check the quality of an ongoing evaluation; embed participation thoughtfully in evaluation; develop evaluation capacity.

III. Contribution Analysis – Assessing causal linkages of observed impact

What is the contribution of the MSP to the observed impact? Which combination of (external and MSP related) factors cause the outcomes? Contribution Analysis is an approach for assessing these causal questions of interventions. It supports the inferring of causality through a step-by-step guideline.