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Date: 13.12.2018
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'Impact and Impact Assessment of and in Multi-Stakeholder-Partnerships (MSPs)'

How to understand impact in the context of MSPs and how to assess it? Representatives of MSPs and experts discussed these questions during a peer-learning workshop. Partnerships2030 organises a series of peer-learning workshops to foster exchange between existing multi-stakeholder partnerships, experts and other relevant stakeholders to support and strengthen multi-stakeholder partnerships. The first workshops were about first steps and institutionalisation of MSP. In September, the third peer-learning workshop on ‘Impact and impact assessment of and in multi-stakeholder partnerships’ took place.

Are we successful? Delivering and showing impact are important aspects for stakeholders in MSPs, the public, the sector and the target group. The focus is on continuous learning for guaranteeing success – known for different stakeholders as monitoring & evaluation or performance audits. Considering the complex and dynamic structures of MSPs is relevant to understand these issues for multi-stakeholder partnerships as a collaborative and innovative approach. The peer-learning workshop served as an exchange about impact of and in multi-stakeholder partnerships and for generating practical support for assessing the impact of and in partnerships.

The results of the third peer-learning workshop are published as tips and tricks ‘Impact and impact assessment of and in multi-actor partnerships (MSPs): tips from practice and research’.

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