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Date: 10.3.2023
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Event: UN SIDS Partnerships Awards 2023

Partnerships for the sustainable development of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) can now apply for the UN SIDS Partnerships Awards until the 28th of April 2023.

The Partnerships Awards were created in 2021 with the goal of acknowledging those partnerships that have made the most durable and genuine efforts for the sustainable development of SIDS. The awards were designed in line with the goals of the “SIDS Accelerated Modality of Action (SAMOA) Pathway”, the outcome document of the Third International Conference on SIDS held in 2014 in Samoa and are thought to award those partnerships that were created according to the guidelines and focus areas of this outcome document.

The Partnerships Awards not only provide the opportunity to highlight the most successful partnerships, but they will also make the best practices visible, enable the creation of new SIDS partnerships, increase the visibility of the SIDS Partnership Framework and create new incentives for the registration of new partnerships for SIDS.

There will be one award in each of the three categories of sustainable development: economic, social and environment. According to the Rules and Guidelines the partnerships should be able to prove their relevance for the implementation of the SAMOA model and they should be based on the principles of transparency, accountability, mutual trust and national ownership.

The awards will be given in the framework of the annual Global Multi-Stakeholder SIDS Partnership Dialogue and the ceremony will take place during the High-Level Political Forum 2023 in New York. One representative from each of the three winning partnerships will be invited to this ceremony.

To be considered for the awards, it is necessary to register the partnership in the SIDS Partnership Database first. The application can be submitted through a Polling tool in a second step. Interested partnerships can approach the UN SIDS Partnerships Awards secretariat in case of questions: infounpartnershipsawards@un.org.