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Date: 20.6.2023
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Event: Transformative Partnership Award for MSP

The Collective Leadership Institute is presenting the Transformative Partnership Award, offering attractive prizes for the winners.

You have the opportunity to nominate Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships (MSP) for the Transformative Partnership Award until August 31st. This initiative by the Collective Leadership Institute (CLI) aims to highlight the significance of partnerships in achieving the 2030 Agenda and strengthening resilience.

The jury considers various factors in their selection process:

– The partnership must meet CLI’s definition of an MSP, involving active and equal participation of at least two actors from the private sector, civil society, or government sectors.

– A nonprofit stakeholder represents the MSP for the award.

– The MAP should have achieved notable successes in the past two years.

– The work of the MSP must contribute to at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

– The MSP should demonstrate innovative approaches and support existing projects.

– The location and scale of the MSP (global, national, or local) are not determining factors.

The top three projects will have the chance to win prizes. The first prize carries a value of €10,000 and can be used to support the partnership and capacity building. The second-place winner will receive training with certification in Collective Leadership, while the third-place winner can choose a course from the CLI’s portfolio. Additionally, all participants who make it to the shortlist will have the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas.

For more information about the Transformative Partnership Award, including the competition process and jury criteria, please visit this link.

To nominate a MAP directly for the Transformative Partnership Award, please follow the nomination link.