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Date: 9.5.2023
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Event: Transformation Literacy Conference 2023

On 24, 26 and 28 April, the Collective Leadership Institute held the Transformation Literacy Conference 2023 under the theme “Governance and Democracy”.

The Transformation Literacy Conference organized by the Collective Leadership Institute (CLI) took place on 24, 26 and 28 April 2023 as an online event and brought together various speakers, interested individuals and stakeholders. The different sessions focused on the question of how interconnected sustainability goals can be served while transformative change efforts contribute to inclusive and participatory governance. In each session, there was a short framing of the topic by the CLI, followed by an input from practitioners. The audience was able to participate actively in the discussion and had the opportunity to network with others in the online event space.

The first session explored the topic of transformative change initiatives and how inspiring narratives, visions for the future and progress measurements can contribute to the embedment of certain values like inclusivity into these initiatives. The session presentation by CLI can be found here. The presentation by the speakers Maria Amália Souza, Carol Mutiso and Doreen Simuyu and Gwendolyn VanSant are also made available.

The second session was held under the theme of innovation and regulations. Questions asked were how attention and resource allocation for social equity can be ensured and whether creative prototypes and pilots can be both socially and technologically innovative. It was also discussed how social standards and regulations can be promoted through innovative approaches. Please find here the CLI Presentation as well as the presentations by the speakers Rilli Lappalainen, Ivonne Waweru and Arun Venkatesan.

In the final session, the topics of governance and structures were discussed. Key questions asked were how to manage collective processes and how to build representative dialogue structures in diverse and challenging governance realities. In addition, there was a discussion on how to build networks across diverse settings that embody collaborative approaches. The presentation by the CLI as well as the inputs by Bruce Goldstein, Manuel Rojas Oyarzo, Dr. Anke Giesen, and Maryana Zaviyska can be found under the respective links.

Apart from interesting events, the CLI also offers other formats for multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) to network and to be recognized. For NGOs or charities which are part of a remarkable partnership or program, the recently launched Transformative Partnership Award by the CLI can be a great opportunity to be rewarded for outstanding work. Organizations can nominate their partnerships here until 31 August 2023.