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Date: 27.9.2022
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Event: Partnerships as a tool for sustainability transformation

On September 26, the 21st annual conference of the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) took place in Berlin. Under this year’s motto “Tackling Transformation, Creating the Future”, the project Joint action for sustainable development, which supports partnerships for sustainability transformation was launched. 

The RNE advises the German government on sustainability policy, initiates political and social dialogue and supports projects relating to sustainability. Various fields of work have been defined for this purpose. These include education and research, sustainable business and sustainable financing, and partnerships in the national and international context. Every year, various speakers are invited to the conference to report on and discuss topics relevant to the fields of work.  

Partnerships2030, represented by Susanne Salz, was also present at the conference. The partnership approach was strongly emphasized by speakers such as UN Secretary General António Guterres and Sarah Ryglewski, Minister of State to the German Chancellor. Thus, the project Joint action for sustainable development was also launched at the conference. The aim of the project is to promote sustainability in our society. This goal is achieved by bringing together organizations from different sectors to jointly develop solutions to the challenges of sustainability transformation. Collaborations such as multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSP) thus remain an essential tool for achieving sustainability goals such as the SDGs.