Multi-Akteurs-Partnerschaften Success Factor 4 Process management

Process management

Implementation and results orientation

Consultation processes are always implementation-oriented and aimed at generating measurable results as a contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The focus on solutions is just as important as monitoring results. A clear focus on implementation and results contributes directly to the success of a partnership. Only when there is clear evidence of a direct relationship between resources spent and intended results, is it possible to ensure the long-term commitment of stakeholders to the partnership.

Clear roles

An ideal multi-stakeholder partnership involves all stakeholders necessary to achieve the desired outcome. Each partner brings specific and relevant contributions. In order to guarantee effectiveness and identify asymmetric power structures, the partner’s contributions and commitments must be clearly defined. At the same time, each organisation should take on the role which best suits its skills and capacities. In this way, skills are put to good effect. Joint identification of roles and commitments is an element of the steering structure and should be recognised as such in a written agreement – be that a contract or a memorandum of understanding (MoU). The clearer and more binding the approach, the easier it is for each party to demand accountability.

Transparent communications strategy

Continuous and cost-saving communication channels between process managers and partners on the one hand, and between individual partners on the other, have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the partnership. A key focus should be placed on transparency. For the full strength of a multi-stakeholder partnership can only be leveraged if there is a transparent exchange of information between all stakeholders involved. Transparent communication also enables all stakeholders to make informed decisions and meet as equal partners. Open communication helps to ensure that unequal power structures within the partnership can be resolved.