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Date: 12.4.2021
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Better job opportunities for India’s youth

Cheerful Indian asian young group of college students or friends laughing together while sitting, standing or walking in campus

Picture: Adobe Stock Photo / Rawpixel.com

Multi-stakeholder partnership YuWaah! strengthens young people along their career path

India is home to the largest population of young people in the world, with over 300 million people aged 10 to 24. YuWaah!, a multi-stakeholder partnership operating under the auspices of the global, multi-sector partnership Generation Unlimited, advocates for these young people.

YuWaah! has been bringing together youth representatives from India with businesses, governments, innovators, UN agencies, and civil society organizations since 2019 to strengthen the education and skills of young people in India. The goal is to provide the youth with better opportunities in the job market and to help them start their own businesses. To achieve this, YuWaah! focuses on four areas: Career counseling, life skills, youth engagement and flexible learning.

Since March, UNICEF, Capgemini and the United Nations Global Compact Network India have been supporting the work of YuWaah!. This cooperation will expand YuWaah!’s activities through more local and needs-based training, more internships and apprenticeships, and the promotion of entrepreneurship.