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About us “BENGO”

As part of Partnerships2030, Engagement Global – bengo provides advice and support for civil society organizations wanting to apply for funding for multi-stakeholder partnership projects.

As with the main funding program under the budget line for private providers, German civil society organizations that have relevant experience and are keen to work with stakeholders and organizations from a range of sectors (government, academia, industry, etc.) on addressing a major development problem are eligible to apply for support from bengo. Within a multi-stakeholder partnership, only the civil society component may be funded or developed as a practical project under the private provider budget line; for other stakeholder groups, other BMZ budget lines are available (DeveloPPP, budget lines for church-based organizations or local authorities, research funding, etc.). As just one example of a successful multi-stakeholder initiative, funding has been provided to build civil society coordination capacities within the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles under the private provider budget line since May 2016.

In this context, it is important to point out that the general principles, objectives and guidelines governing funding from the private provider budget line apply to multi-stakeholder partnerships. The proposed projects must be coherent, participatory and sustainable and should include practical actions in the partner countries and offer capacity development opportunities for local partners and stakeholders.

Bengo provides expert advice and support for civil society applicants, from project development to submission of an application for a multi-stakeholder partnership.

Interview on financial support for MSPs with Ralph Buß (former contact person at Engagament Global/bengo)


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