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Partnerships2030 – promoting multi-stakeholder partnerships for sustainable development.

We’ll connect you with partners, show you the opportunities of partnerships and keep you informed on the matter. So you can achieve your goals. Together with others.

3 minutes, 3 videos, 3 topics

Three videos show how to initiate, design and govern multi-stakeholder partnerships by working together as equals.

Phase 1: Initiation

Phase 2: Design

Governance structures

Private Sector Engagement

The private sector is vital to achieving the 2030 Agenda and plays a central role in realizing sustainable development. But how does one engage the private sector? Staff and supporters from the Alliance  for Integrity explain …


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Webinar on “How to Ensure Impact With Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships in Value Chain Promotion” (04.12.2019)

As part of the ValueLinks Plus series on agricultural value chains, this webinar on Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships was held last December. It was aimed at interested people who on the one hand promote the development of agricultural value chains and who on the other hand are interested in the multi-stakeholder approach.

Partnerships2030 at think17: Joint Learning for Sustainable Development

On December 12, think17 took place in Mannheim Castle – a meeting of approximately 100 people working on sustainability to exchange views on sustainable development within the framework of peer learning formats. The mutual exchange of experiences and knowledge was organized by the Peer School for Sustainable Development.

Guest Contribution: “Are Multistakeholder Partnerships Effective to Reach SDG Goals?”

Are MSPs effective to reach SDG goals? Herman Brouwer (Wageningen University & Research in The Netherlands) gets this question all the time. In his guest article he shows why the answer is not that easy by giving three main reasons for research results on MSPs being still inconclusive, but in short, a mixed bag.

About us: Partnerships2030

Partnerships2030 is a broker in the field of multi-stakeholder-partnerships. We pool the expertise and experience of the GIZ and Engagement Global – bengo on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The services provided by these organisations will help you and your partners to successfully work together to pursue sustainable development.

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